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Passivation is a process that makes stainless steel less susceptible to corrosion as a result of exposure to environmental factors, like air and water. Stainless steel is naturally resistant to corrosion, but when parts are machined, particles like dirt, debris, grease, and machining oils become embedded in the surface, reducing its resistance to corrosion.

Passivation is a combination of cleaning and protective coating. The process begins with cleaning the part to remove all oil, grease, lubricants, forming compounds, and cutting fluids that may have been left behind during the machining and fabrication process. The part is then submerged in a passivation solution, like nitric acid or citric acid base solutions. Passivation removes surface contaminants, and a passive film is formed that improves the stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion.

Aetna Plating Co. in Cleveland, OH is an innovator in the metal finishing industry. We have been in business since 1948. When we passivate your stainless steel parts, we remove the surface contaminants that hamper your part’s performance and result in the need to prematurely replace parts.

Following are some of the benefits of our stainless steel passivation process:

• Improved Corrosion Resistance
• Uniform, Smooth Appearance and Finish
• Elimination of Iron Contamination Reactions with Other Materials
• No Discoloration From Rust
• No Dimensional Change
• Improved and Extended Life
• Superior Clean Surface
• No Change in Outward Appearance of Base Metal

Improper bath or process selection will produce unacceptable results. We have the experience and extensive knowledge of the material types and the passivation processes that allows us to always achieve excellent results. Choose Aetna Plating Co. in Cleveland, OH for passivation of your stainless steel parts.

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